New Study: Fluoridation Holds “Greatest Promise”

March 25, 2015

Guest blog contributed by the Children’s Dental Health Project Nearly one in four preschool-age... Continue>>

Let’s Connect Kids to Coverage

March 19, 2015

Guest blog contributed by the Children's Dental Health Project Right now, an estimated... Continue>>

Kids’ Oral Health: Parents Can Make a Difference

March 18, 2015

Guest blog contributed by the Children’s Dental Health Project To ensure children’s... Continue>>

Drink the Water, Not the Kool-Aid: A Little Fluoride Won’t Hurt Your Kid

March 17, 2015

Reprinted with permission from Chad Hayes, MD: Demystifying Parenting and Pediatrics Earlier this... Continue>>

Special Needs’ Kids and Dental Care

Guest blog contributed by the Children's Dental Health Project For Nicole Brown... Continue>>

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